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    ¡°Dependability. Professional. Innovation ¡° is the central idea of our sustainable business. We are market-oriented   rely on technological excellence, and create high-quality products. We also  improve the competitiveness of our product price and quality in international market and enhance the economic efficiency, in order to satisfy the interest of the investors.         

   ¡°Sell high-quality motor core and pursue the most efficient cooperation¡± is our guideline. We take full use of the synergy between our branches and focus on advanced technology application in products and production  processes. We provide excellent service and pay much attention to the development of our staff. Earnest, responsible and efficient staff is the most valuable asset of our company. We carefully listen to the opinions of the customers, pay more attention to mutual respect between people, develop new business areas and achieve brilliant business with the customers.       

  Since ¡°Hansin¡± was established,we have been Committedto providing a varieties of Electrical Lamination for high efficiency motors,whichare used for Machinery¡¢Electrical Houseware Products.We are pleased to know thatour customers have improved their quality and increased their competitive advantageby using our laminations and products.Our engineering capability¡¢quality has been developed to meet our Customers¡¯diverse requirements.Our engineers continuously study and Refine new technologies concerning Dies,Laminations and Electric Motors .Today,we provide a wide range of services to our customers;i.e.,Die-Casting,and Consulting services.

   I believe,together with all of our employees,that we are in a position to work Together with not only our local customers but also international clients.We will be happy to receive your inquires and an opportunity to provide you with the quality products and services that have become the foundation of Hansin since our beginning.

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