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     Zhongshan Hansin Electric Co. Ltd. is the United Kingdom Parkinson investment wholly foreign-owned enterprises, a total investment of 1.6 million US dollars, the factory area of about 10,000 square meters, the current staff of several hundred people, the Taiwan company to introduce advanced production equipment and technology, and independent development and the ability to design high-speed mold, mold design and manufacturing©pstamping products©protor die-casting, stamping monthly motor stator and rotor core of 1500 metric tons.

     The Company production of various types of electrical products high dimensional accuracy, surface quality©pcustomers located at home and abroad, have good competition in the market strength, product by the United States and Europe©pAsian countries welcomed.
     Business: motor stator and rotor core transformer cores, motor cores, mold design, the electrical parts, will be open specification plate material cut process. Philosophy: The process for the production of tight security, a huge fine diligent attention to the manufacture of high-precision and high-quality products.
    Main products:
  • Fan motor,by the Ornamental Ceiling Fan.
  • Motor,stepper,alternator,compressor,EI cores,U cores and so on,generator loose laminatons and cores stamped by progressive and notching processes.
  • Rotor die-casting
  • Toolings
  • Slit coils electrical steel.

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